Made $65,000+ Over The Last 2 Years

Made over $65k In Gross Revenue

Asking Minimum: $10,000

1. Seller Bio

I am a website enthusiast. I would say I have a borderline obsession with creating awesome websites. I am also pretty good at SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In fact the only reason Im currently selling this website Is because I have another idea for a great website but the domain I need is a little more expensive. Im also a domainer.

2. Executive Summary

This website is 4 years old. I created it in September in 2014. I made $2,635 in gross profit that very first week. The website as you see it today is a blog/informational website that generates money with Adsense. CTR is above the 2% website normally get. The industry the website is involved in, is the prepaid debit card market. The prepaid debit card market is a popular industry and is expected to see significant growth.

3. Highlights

This website has a number of benefits to the new owner. The website has a domain authority of 24. Backlinking has not been one of my focus however, I currently obtained more backlinks for SEO purposes in the past week. The new content on the website is SEO optimized. The primary pages contains 1,000 – 3,000+ words and serves as “ever green” content. All of the social media profiles have been secured. The website has an average 7% – 20% CTR percentage on ads click. I have created 2 separate website to compliment the main website. One is a unique that shows people the stores nearest to users that allows debit card services. The other is a website that simply explains the benefits of different prepaid debit cards and introduces new cards in the market. These sites are fairly new both are getting organic traffic as well. I’ve decided to connect these websites directly with the main domain name to increase brand recognition and increase domain authority.
The website has around 5,700 Facebook followers, 200 Instagram followers, 70 YouTube subscribers and other social media accounts including LinkedIn, Tumblr and Twitter. The new website owner can use these social media channel to grow the website. These were all obtained organically.

Great CTR percentages
3 domains included
3 Websites In one
Domain Authority of 24
All social media channels
4,000 email list

4. Operations

Daily operation is very minimal. During the 2 years I have done very little work. I would suggest that the new owner create 1-2 new posts a week (involving industry news, new prepaid debit cards, tips and tricks to help users of prepaid debit cards).

5. Customers

The visitors are typically prepaid debit card holders. So that is the primary content I have written. Target audience are low income unbanked American citizens. Retention rate is about 1-2 minutes. We gain traffic mainly through Google ads, sharing on facebook and organically from search engines.

6. Financials

During 2017 – 2019 I have just been running ads on Adwords. Approximately $600 per month which makes on average $2,600 – $4,000. As stated I was not doing any work whatsoever. Just paying the bill. I would not recommend this method, because to keep up with SEO you will need to create content and update older content but its not very hands on to make money. Also you are likely to earn more if you keep the website updated in general and share it as much as possible to gain backlinks and gain authority.

7. Seller Notes

I am an open book, any questions interested buyers have I will answer to the best of my ability. There is something you should know. I have been living off of the money earned from the website. Google made an update during the transition from Adwords to Google Ads which knocked my payment method out of all of their systems. Because of this I lost almost 2 weeks of income. This is why you’re seeing declining earnings. Ultimately i decided not to advertise anymore and focus hard on SEO. Without ads the website makes approximately $400 a month. However if I had $600 to spend I would definitely go back to advertising.

I would also like to say this. Some people only sell their website because something is wrong with it. This could not be further from the truth with this website. I love this website and am very passionate about it. I created it 4 years ago and watched it bloom. Everything from the logo and slogan was created by me when the site was nothing. I would like the new owner to grow it.

The only reason I decided to list this website for sale is to use the money to purchase a premium domain name to build another great website idea I have.

*Note: Some of the pages currently needs proofreading. These are the new SEO optimized pages. I havent gotten around to it yet because of other websites I own has taken much of my time. Its not difficult though.