Birthday Partys

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Ever wanted to own your own birthday party supplies store? Start now. This website is a dropshipping website with over 300 products currently listed in the birthday party niche. The domain itself is a valuable asset. This domain costed $1,600. The term “birthday partys” broad match (ex. “fun birthday partys” ) is searched over 4,000 times on Google and the exact match “birthday partys” is searched around 350 times. The sale includes approximately 700 subscribers email list, approximately 1,600 Facebook likes. The website is built on the Shopify platform and is using free apps. 

Birthday Party Industry

The birthday party industry can be a competitive industry and you will need a competitive advantage to really compete. How can we offer that competitive advantage? Its all in the name and the design of the website. With Good SEO practice you can tap into the keyword traffic “birthday partys” that is already being searched for on Google. Google search engine still favors EMD (Exact Match Domains) as long as the customer experience is great and other SEO factors such as speed and length. 

The Design

While creating we constantly reviewed some of the other websites to improve on some of the areas that we believe they were weak at. We believe our design and images are really eye catching which is why so many people have subscribed. Collections are broken into many birthday themes and holidays. The colors and photos of this website demands attention.


The Birthday party supplies niche is competitive in price so there is very little wiggle room to increase price. If you increase price customers can very easily choose from many other competitors such as,, or mainly The price selected on the products are very competitive and can compete with most major brands while still making a profit. The average customer based on what we’ve studied is a minimum of 4 items. You make a profit per item bought. To discuss profit and pricing in detail this website must be live because it would be pointless otherwise.


*For serious inquiries, you will have to pay $30 to see the live website. This is a fee that Shopify will charge us to reopen the website and connect the domain name. If you decide to purchase the website we will deduct this price from the total agreed upon price. If you do not decide to purchase the website, we CANNOT give a refund.